Lupus: The Invisible Monster

I thought this was an excellent depiction of what it is to live with lupus. I am obsessed!

Lupies be sure to check out this animated cartoon about living with lupus from the Lupus UK and then share with someone you may know who isn’t as knowledgeable about the disease. It’s all about lupus awareness.

It really is an awesome video! 

Can any of you relate?

Someone You Know May Have Lupus. Know The Signs!

Toni Braxton And Difficulty With Lupus

“It is challenging when I am working because I have to put on that smiley face anyway… that’s the toughest part when I have to perform.”

Lifetime TV Stars Know Lupus

This is freaking awesome! I applaud Lifetime for bringing Lupus Awareness to mainstream TV. #KnowLupus!

The Hidden Disease


Understanding Lupus

Toni Braxton Bares All In Lifetime Biopic

Lifetime has released its very first trailer for Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” movie. Toni’s story, including her battle with lupus, is the focus of the new Lifetime movie premiering in January.

Lupus Fight Song 

2015 has definitely been a trying year! I’ve had some good days, some bad days, and some in between days.

But I’m managing…

As the holiday season approaches, I know that I will come in contact with friends and loved ones whom I know are concerned about my well being. However, this Christmas I would love to go without being asked the mundane questions I’ve sadly but definitely become accustomed to.

Questions such as, “Have you been taking your meds?”, “Are you doing what your doctor’s are asking of you?”, and my favorite question of them all, “How are you feeling today?”

Never is there a day where I am feeling absolutely, fantastic. Never is there a day that I go without taking my meds, either. If I don’t take them I’d end up in the hospital. And never, ever, ever, ask if I am doing what the doctor ordered.

Of course I am. ..

“This is my fight song. Take back my life song.”

Woman Finds Kidney Donor In Girlfriend

Alana Duran was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 12 and has been on a kidney transplant list since 2011- waiting to find a match. But what Duran didn’t know is that the day she’d decide to swipe right on Tinder, she’d be getting more than just a girlfriend, she’d find her match.


Selena Gomez Fights Lupus

Living With Lupus

This video sums up everything one needs to know about those living with lupus. The biggest problem seems to be the fact that one might look well on the outside but in actuality, feels terrible on the inside.

Lupus Awareness PSA

This amazing video serves to portray women of all ages and of all races who’s lives have been altered by lupus. “It took away my hair… but it didn’t take away my voice.” #KnowLupus!


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