Life Of A Warrior : Oyinda ‘YindaaBee’ —

Initially, I didn’t understand that Lupus didn’t have a cure. Therefore I didn’t know that I’d have to take the medications I was discharged with, for the rest of my life. I’ve had the chance to ask an motivating instagrammer called Oyinda, a number of questions about what it’s like living with her medical condition… Continue reading Life Of A Warrior : Oyinda ‘YindaaBee’ —


You Are Much More Than This — Ceaseless Joy

"We are more than our ailments and baggage we carry—we are so much more than fractured scraps pieced together with paste. We are not defined by our past, health, or failures." I often feel as though the world spins around me as I stand still—life passes on for the masses and, instead of moving on… Continue reading You Are Much More Than This — Ceaseless Joy


I AM WHAT I AM… — Dance with the devil

I’ve learned to own them, live and sooth them… they will always be apart of my story… I AM WHAT I AM… I am what I am, All imperfections included… from my #WHOOPWHOOP’S, #YEPYEP’S and #WHATWHAT’S to my pain, sorrow and sadness… I am what I am, because of the journey that was placed before… Continue reading I AM WHAT I AM… — Dance with the devil


Sometimes Your Greatest Supporter Is Your Pet

"I haven't had an easy run since being diagnosed last year and I am only 24. My biggest supporter had to be in the photo with me. I hope to see lots of people wearing purple." -Shared by April Bond


 Lupies Continue To Fight

My medical doctor, old rheumatologist and psychiatrists all have submitted information to the state of Michigan saying I am disabled and unable to work, but I have continued to be denied for my disability!  "I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2013, by my medical doctor, seen a rheumatologist and confirmed the lupus diagnosis, started… Continue reading  Lupies Continue To Fight


What Exercises Do You Do?

Most of you may know that exercising doesn't always come easy for those of us already feeling as though we've just crossed the finish line for a iron man marathon on the daily. However, some of us are able to remain active and exercise quite often. For those of you who can, I am just… Continue reading What Exercises Do You Do?


You May Be Flaring When…

  Can any of you relate? You know you're hurting when crawling is the lesser of two evils. How many of you have ever been in such pain that crawling was not even an option either? Ugh, but such is life when you're living with lupus :\

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Does Sunlight Trigger Your Flares?

Most of you are aware that my first time at the beach post diagnosis, was a little more than a year ago. Why? Because of photosensitivity caused by lupus. However, Shade founder and CEO, Dr. Emmanuel Dumont and his team, are allowing those individuals battling lupus to take control, stress less, and live fully despite lupus.… Continue reading Does Sunlight Trigger Your Flares?