The History of Lupus

Did you know??? Lupus can be traced as far back as the author of the Hippocratic Oath- a greek philosopher born in 430 BC, whose chronicles depicted patients with the classic butterfly facial rash associated with the disease. MORE: Nine important facts about lupus you may not know. In the 1200s, Rogerius Frugardi coins the term “lupus” a word that comes from the latin word for “wolf” Confusion … Continue reading The History of Lupus

Natural Treatments for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that affects the muscle, tissues and organs. Thousands of patients with autoimmune diseases have seen recovery with the following plan. Supplements: 1. Vitamin D3– Essential for balancing hormones in the body and proper functioning of your immune system. Over 80% of people are deficient in vitamin D3. 2. Collagen Protein Powder– The root cause of lupus is leaky gut syndrome. … Continue reading Natural Treatments for Lupus

Breaking News! 

Data released Tuesday by Aurinia Pharmaceuticals may bring exciting news for those of you living with a lupus-related kidney disease. Lupus nephritis is one of the most severe complications of lupus affecting the kidney’s of as many as 40 percent of those with this chronic, auto-immune disease. However, in the phase 2b study released Tuesday, nearly half of lupus nephritis patients treated with a low … Continue reading Breaking News! 

A Little Christmas Cheer 

I thought that Mischa’s story could not only help spread a little lupus hope but bring about some Christmas Cheer also. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to see a crusader triumph…  See below. “Living with SLE Lupus, RA & Fibromyalgia. Lupus dx August 1999!! I control Lupus! Lupus does not control Me! I’m finally tapering off Prednisone down to 1 mg for … Continue reading A Little Christmas Cheer 

Simple Treasures

 When you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, or any disease for that matter, those simple treasures you once took for granted become things you wish you would have appreciated. You become without hesitation, as if your mind is almost prone to it, one whom thinks THEE absolute worse about your diagnosis and what is to come soon thereafter. I know that to be true. When diagnosed with lupus … Continue reading Simple Treasures

Something To Keep In Mind 

Sometimes stopping and taking it easy is hard to do… but see, when you have an autoimmune disease such as LUPUS, it does the slowing down for you. I’m always on the go… and with the hustle and bustle comes the stress of getting it all done… And what is a major trigger for a lupus flare?? STRESS! Sometimes I just have to remember to … Continue reading Something To Keep In Mind