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Lupies, Does Our Skin Hold The Answer?

I stumbled across this video on the Lupus News Today website and thought it was both informational and interesting. Check it out below :) In the Arthritis National Research Foundation video above, host Britt Johnson interviews Dr. Michelle Kahlenberg, a rheumatologist and medical researcher from the University of Michigan. The video depicts Kahlenberg going into detail about… Continue reading Lupies, Does Our Skin Hold The Answer?

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Lupus: The Invisible Monster

I thought this was an excellent depiction of what it is to live with lupus. I am obsessed! Lupies be sure to check out this animated cartoon about living with lupus from the Lupus UK and then share with someone you may know who isn't as knowledgeable about the disease. It's all about lupus awareness.… Continue reading Lupus: The Invisible Monster

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Natural Treatments for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that affects the muscle, tissues and organs. Thousands of patients with autoimmune diseases have seen recovery with the following plan. https://youtu.be/dGXPY4nThjs Supplements: 1. Vitamin D3- Essential for balancing hormones in the body and proper functioning of your immune system. Over 80% of people are deficient in vitamin D3. 2. Collagen… Continue reading Natural Treatments for Lupus

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Lupus: The Shanelle Gabriel Story

Shanelle is so full of life. She is spunky and talented. She is a singer, spoken word artist, and a lupus advocate. Her story is hands down one of the best I've heard thus far. I love her positive outlook on life despite living with lupus. I love that she freely lives and does not… Continue reading Lupus: The Shanelle Gabriel Story

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Living With Lupus

KNOW LUPUS and its symptoms. Help us out. Ask us how we are. Simple gestures go a loonngg way. And they mean more to us than you'll ever know. Now here’s a brilliant video that every spouse, family member, friend, colleague and boss should be asked to watch. Under duress if necessary! Well done and… Continue reading Living With Lupus

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Suffering the Silence

Hey lupies, Be sure to check out this awesome video of two young girls, best friends, who both suffer from chronic illnesses. Ally who battles Lyme disease and Erika who battles Lupus. See how they've started a movement and have inspired millions of others suffering in silence to speak up and speak out! https://youtu.be/7GVnR71Tp34

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3rd Rock From The Sun Actress Talks Lupus

In an interview with People Magazine, film star Kristen Johnston confessed to being diagnosed with Lupus Myelitis (a form of Lupus unbeknownst to me). For the record, let me just say that I had absolutely no idea what the heck Lupus Myelitis was. HOWEVER, in doing my research, I found that Lupus Myelitis is a… Continue reading 3rd Rock From The Sun Actress Talks Lupus