It Is Necessary

For quite a while I found myself griping over being ill. Griping over the things that came along with lupus and how they were weighing me down. Why me? Why was all this happening to me? I had given up the free-spirited girl that I used to be. I had traded in my beach days… Continue reading It Is Necessary

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Lupus: The Invisible Monster

I thought this was an excellent depiction of what it is to live with lupus. I am obsessed! Lupies be sure to check out this animated cartoon about living with lupus from the Lupus UK and then share with someone you may know who isn't as knowledgeable about the disease. It's all about lupus awareness.… Continue reading Lupus: The Invisible Monster


I’m Unsure

I have absolutely no idea if I am experiencing a mild lupus flare or the symptoms of the flu. I couldn't tell if I was coming down with the flu or not as I have never had it. I DO KNOW however, that I was forced to get the flu vaccine on 10/16/17 and have… Continue reading I’m Unsure


Ginger & Turmeric: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory

As you all are aware, with the seasons change, comes Lupus inflammation and pain increase. However, you won't have to be in pain much longer, as a more natural remedy has surfaced! According to the NCBI, both ginger and turmeric are naturally growing roots that contain anti-inflammatory properties and may offer many other health benefits. Turmeric may be able… Continue reading Ginger & Turmeric: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory


What Face Are You Wearing Today?

I saw this post on Facebook last night. It was posted by the Lupus In Color Facebook page. They are often posting awesomely inspirational messages and posts for all of their followers, but this one in particular happened to catch my eye because it wasn't like none I've seen from them. "We all have many… Continue reading What Face Are You Wearing Today?


I Just Don’t Have The Energy

At times like these, I am really devastated that I have to live with this lupus. And it is times like these, where I am  literally at work sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my face because not only do I not feel well and forcibly having to sit upright in excruciating pain,… Continue reading I Just Don’t Have The Energy


Know The Signs

Do you know the signs & symptoms of a Lupus Flare? If you experience any of these symptoms below it may be a sign you are experiencing a flare... Signs & Symptoms of Lupus Flare: * Increased Fatigue *Photo-sensitivity *Headaches/Migraines *Fever *Rashes *Mouth Sores Make sure to let your doctor or healthcare professional know if… Continue reading Know The Signs

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Nick Cannon Talks Lupus

Oh Wow! I had absolutely no idea that Nick Cannon served as the Grand Marshal for the Lupus Foundation of America’s Washington, DC Walk to End Lupus Now event. . That's so cool. It's great to see celebrities who suffer from lupus actually advocating and using their platform to bring about awareness. I think that's… Continue reading Nick Cannon Talks Lupus