5 Things Google Won’t Tell You About Life With Lupus!

It’s not often that I come across a post that is not only relateable, but intriguingly honest and transparent. I just so happened to stumble across this precious gem and thought I’d share it with my fellow lupies.

“Everyone’s experience is different. Really, really different.”

1. Lupus can affect any part of your body ,so no two lupus patient’s experience can be applied to that of another.

2. Even mild to moderate expressions of Lupus can be disabling. It can happen even for those whose diseases are more manageable.

3. While in many areas rheumatologists are thin on the ground, if it’s possible to find a doctor who has a good deal of experience with this disease, working with them can tremendously improve quality of life.

4. We tend to expect medication to make a big difference within days, if not hours. But even those of us who are fortunate enough to respond well to treatment will likely spend years after diagnosis with life-altering symptoms before we start to regain our lives.

5. While very many people do still die from complications from Lupus, many others go into long-term remission, or at least are able to have a normal life expectancy and quality of life. There is hope!

Now doesn’t she hit it dead on? It most definitely is information we all know we can’t find by searching the keyword “lupus” in our search bar. Read more on each listed above by clicking on the link below. Hope you all enjoy!


via 5 things Google won’t tell you about life with Lupus — Kristen Tossell Pitts

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