My Symptoms, Facts. Your Ignorance, Opinion.


4 thoughts on “My Symptoms, Facts. Your Ignorance, Opinion.”

  1. I’ve struggled so much with fatigue, and it’s always frustrating to always be telling people I’m tired. They see me as a wimp or someone who doesn’t want to participate in anything. It’s hard to explain that no matter what, it’s not just going to magically go away. I’m not trying to be lazy or skip out on activities or being weak. I’m sick. That’s it.

    1. I struggled with trying to make myself appear fine when physically I wasn’t fine at all. Sometimes we just press through and ignore what people say. Only we truly know how it feels. If only they could walk a day in our shoes

      1. I’ve gotten so used to the pain I have daily, I find it odd to think that if others were to be in my body they would be shocked at what people with Lupus go through.

      2. I hate to say that I have gotten so used to the pain, but that’s the case. It sucks. Even if in our shoes they wouldn’t understand, they’ll just feel a little empathetic.

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