What Exercises Do You Do?

Most of you may know that exercising doesn’t always come easy for those of us already feeling as though we’ve just crossed the finish line for a iron man marathon on the daily.

However, some of us are able to remain active and exercise quite often. For those of you who can, I am just curious to know exactly what type of exercises are you able to do when you are experiencing one of your  “good” pain day?Lupies let me know in the comments below. I would love to test out the new exercises you suggest.


13 thoughts on “What Exercises Do You Do?”

  1. I do some yoga. I also do some lunges and squats, planking, and some stretching of course. I go on hikes, I do as much as I can then stop. Where I work I do a lot of bending down so that’s one way I do squats. I’m a checker so I work my abs by standing still and turning side to side (when I can) I walk a lot for my job and I’m on my feet the whole shift. That seems to be helping me. I don’t do a motor the exercise but I do what I can. Which isn’t lot. Hopefully you find something new.

    1. Oh wow! You are able to do all of that with no pain or difficulty? I have heard a lot of great things about yoga and I am thinking about giving it a try. Thanks so much for sharing what you do. Maybe I can try a few lunges and squats also :)

      1. I have wimpy arms so planks and push ups are hard for me :( I am supposed to attend a yoga class this weekend so I have my fingers crossed, hoping all goes well with it.

  2. I’m about to start doing weight training! I used to run, but it’s too much for me now! I’ve read that building muscle is a great help for Lupies, so going to give it a go and see how I get on! I’ve got to try something as I’m putting more and more weight on every week, and it’s not helping in the slightest! 💜

    1. I would love to hear the results and how the weight training goes for you. I used to be great at running on the treadmill, doing spin classes and mastering the stair master, but with the constant inflammation in my lungs it makes it hard to do any of that. Maybe weight training could be a thought. Thanks Michelle for sharing :)

  3. I’m not gonna’ exxagerate. I quit driving in 1978 b/c of an achohol and srug problem. It may have been the best move in my life. I was concerned about hurting someone else. If that isn’t a valid reason, there isn’t any.

    1. I have been diagnosed with SLE since 1994, I had a flare-up before I was diagnosed in 1987. The first dermotologist dimissed it as a rash truck drivers get when the hang their arm out the window. Ah! Yes! Exercise. Never liked it myself. Taking the bus and walking began a long time ago and I’m a better person for it. At least healthier. Just a thought. Some people need their cars to go down the driveway to get the mail. Always, long sleeve shirt, hat and long pants.

      1. I think if more people chose to walk more then they would be in much better health. People however, are all about convenience, even if it’s driving their cars to go down the driveway. Sad truth. Thank you for sharing. Hope all is well for you also :)

  4. Definitely go for weight training! Start light and try to increase the weights gradually. You’ll start sweating after a few minutes and you can do it during the days you don’t feel pain. It’s very effective and efficient. 🙂

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