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Does Sunlight Trigger Your Flares?


Most of you are aware that my first time at the beach post diagnosis, was a little more than a year ago. Why? Because of photosensitivity caused by lupus. However, Shade founder and CEO, Dr. Emmanuel Dumont and his team, are allowing those individuals battling lupus to take control, stress less, and live fully despite lupus. How? With the world’s first sunlight sensor for lupus warriors, designed to change the lives of lupus warriors forever!


Shade’s mission is to give lupus warriors peace of mind by empowering them to monitor their UV exposure and enjoy their time outside. Shade is a wearable sensor that scientifically measures UV and takes the guesswork out of managing sunlight exposure. This makes room for you to easily keep a diary of your symptoms in which you can share with your physicians and or specialists on your next doctor’s visit. Isn’t that cool?

How it works

Because everyone’s daily UV limit is different, Shade will enable you to find yours and fine-tune it to fit your life. The first step is to wear their sensor as you go about your normal routine while Shade tracks your UV exposure. When you have a day where you experience discomfort in the evening or the following morning, you have a record of your exact UV exposure. Think of this initial limit as a starting point that you can adjust over time. Shade helps you find a daily UV limit that matches your lifestyle and sensitivity. And if you are like me and you’re affected by photosensitvity due to lupus, then you would LOVE this!

*Credit for this post goes to my friend Melissa who tagged me on Shade’s Facebook page. Read more about Shade and how it can help you :)


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