Positivity Lupies

“A strong, positive attitude will create more miracles than any ‘lupus’ wonder drug.”

-Patricia Neal

Did you know that positive thinking is believed to aid people in fighting off common colds and other ailments? And did you know that negative thinking may cause areas of the brain to weaken a person’s immune response to the flu vaccine? According to a 2003 study reported by the New York Times, your thinking places a major role and how your body performs and how you feel mentally and physically.

I believe that Angela Williams had it right in the video when she stated, “focus on solutions and not problems.” The only solution we have when living with lupus is focusing on how to stay healthy and well.


It has been proven that individuals who have a positive attitude will feel the impact on their health through lack of illness and overall increased positive well-being. In fact, the Mayo Clinic suggests that many health benefits have been influenced by a positive attitude, including increased life span, increased resistance to the common cold, lower rates of depression, increased cardiovascular health, reduced stress, and overall physical and mental vigor.

Lupies, were only one step away from living healthier and longer lives despite living with lupus. All it takes is one positive thought at a time


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