Lupus Health: An Investment, Not An Expense

I was diagnosed with lupus back in 2012. Boy what a journey that has been. It has definitely been an uphill battle- especially the first couple of years. I was seeing doctor after doctor, being admitted into the hospital and made to feel like a test dummy with all the poking and prodding of needles and all the medication prescribed to me at the time.


It was not until I began to change my diet that the doctor’s visits became less and less and the medication lists became shorter and shorter.

I eliminated the dairy products, FIRST!

My physician and I was able to determine that the large amounts of dairy consumption proved to be a HUGE contributing factor as to why the inflammation in my body, mainly the inflammation in my lungs, simply just would not go away.


With eating clean- consuming fruits, veggies, and chicken or fish, I have been able to tame my lupus. I have the occasional knee and  joint pain, fatigue, and just not so good days, but lupus has not been able to take hold of my life and make me feel  as terribly as it did in the beginning. I refuse to allow it to take over!



Your health is an investment, not an expense!


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