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The History of Lupus

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Lupus can be traced as far back as the author of the Hippocratic Oath- a greek philosopher born in 430 BC, whose chronicles depicted patients with the classic butterfly facial rash associated with the disease.

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In the 1200s,

  • Rogerius Frugardi coins the term “lupus” a word that comes from the latin word for “wolf”
  • Confusion arises as to why the animal has come to be linked with the condition
  • Some begin to believe the facial rash looks like a wolf’s bite, whereas others believe it bears a resemblance to a wolf’s face

In the 1800s,

  • Austrian doctors Ferdinand von Hebra and Moritz Kaposi, become among the first to recognize that lupus symptoms extended beyond the skin
  • Pierre Cazenave, a French doctor, coins the phrase “lupus erythematosus,” taken from “erythema” the Greek word for “blush”

In the early 1900s,

  • Canadian physician Sir William Osler writes that other organs and central nervous system involvement could be part of the disease
  • Osler recognizes that the disease is “systemic” in that it could affect different parts of the body

In the 1940s,

  • Work at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital concludes that lupus is a collagen disease
  • In 1949, researchers at the Mayo Clinic discovers that cortisone could be used to treat the disease

Currently, there is still no cure for lupus but there are effective treatments to help patients better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

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Sources: lupus.org.uk and medscape.com


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