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A Little Christmas Cheer 

Image via the lupus awareness Facebook page

I thought that Mischa’s story could not only help spread a little lupus hope but bring about some Christmas Cheer also. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to see a crusader triumph… 

See below.

“Living with SLE Lupus, RA & Fibromyalgia. Lupus dx August 1999!! I control Lupus! Lupus does not control Me! I’m finally tapering off Prednisone down to 1 mg for 2 weeks. Then I’m off I’m changing my ways. A life change of healthiness is what I’m looking forward to. I Hate Prednisone it has helped in a flare up but hurt me more! Just wanted to share with everyone. Stay prayed up and healthy. Here’s a healthy Me!! #ihatelupus #findacure #sle #lupushurts #lupusawareness”
Shared by Mischa Myers-Stewart‎


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