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Martez Baldwin, A Purple Butterfly 

… LUPUS is only a test and it will get better.

Image from the lupus awareness page

“Hello my name is Martez Baldwin. I’m 26 years old and I was diagnosed with LUPUS in 2009- after I graduated high school and two weeks before I started college. So now I’m 26 and I’m a junior at Jackson State University. Still trying to complete my dream. This LUPUS is only a test and it will get better. LUPUS open up my eyes to a lot of things and people. Yea I wish there was a cure already. The in and out of the hospital, I’m ready for it to end….I’m ready to graduate from college. But as you can see by my smile, I’m not letting it stop me. I’m working hard to push through with LUPUS. Yeah I hate it has happened to US but WE are STRONG and WE will soon have a CURE. #iWearPurpleForMe #iFightLikeaGirl #ButterflyEffect #WeFight #WeAreSurvivors just keep OUR heads up and uplift each other. “

-Shared by Martez Baldwin

Martez’s story is such an inspiration. I hope that all of my fellow lupies get a sense of hope after reading this. 


2 thoughts on “Martez Baldwin, A Purple Butterfly ”

  1. It’s nice to hear of your strength and vigor. It gives me a little push to keep on keeping on. I feel no need to tell you advice, so, only as a reminder do I tell you, ” Get it going while you’re still young and don’t slow down until you are old.” Sincerely, j.f.l.

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