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Lupus: Staying Sane On Steroids


“I have developed a strategy for coping and successfully living a sane, healthy and ‘well’ life whilst taking a higher dose of this medication.”

I found this post extremely insightful for those of us who are prescribed steroids such as Prednisone for lupus treatment. This post, featured on the This Lupus Life, assists in providing solutions with how to cope and remain sane when prescribed higher dosages of steroids.

We all know that Prednisone increases appetite, causes weight gain, disturbs sleeping patterns and causes mood changes. But what so many of us fail to find is a solution to the side effects experienced when on these medications. Find out strategies to aide you in sleeping and eating better as well as keeping your mood in check while taking the steroids.

I do not want to bring up endlessly all my issues with taking Prednisolone, Prednisone or any other type of steroids every time I am prescribed this medication. I would […] The post Staying Sane on Steroids appeared first on This Lupus Life.

via Staying Sane on Steroids — This Lupus Life 


1 thought on “Lupus: Staying Sane On Steroids”

  1. Oh my… my mum was on steriod and the developed diabeties…

    This lupus is an awful illness.

    I wonder if at all possible there are alternatives.. but i know when my needs steriod she needs them because it impossible without at times

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