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Stylish Lupus Chick

“You don’t look sick!”

“You’re too pretty to have such a life threatening illness!”

“Why don’t you have the rashes?”

“You can’t go out and have fun!”

-Says everyone I come in contact with when they discover I have lupus.

And it drives me crazy!



Don’t you just hate when people live by stereotypes? Like are you really telling me that I do not have an illness because I don’t look the part?

That is completely absurd!

Must I mope around all day? Would rolling around in a bulky wheelchair suffice? Do I have to have a handicap sticker planted on my license plate or hanging from my rear view mirror?


Would taking stylish selfies in my hospital bed with an IV in arm be better? Must I take a photo of the multi-sized pills I have been prescribed to take daily in order to allow me to successfully make through each day?



Lupus has taken away my long healthy hair, so I cut it into a stylish new cut.

Lupus took away my perfect vision, so I accessorized my eyes with stylish new frames.

I choose not to let the “L” word define me.

I choose to go about my day and my life as normal as possible.

I choose to go against all odds. 

I choose to stylishly work my way through this life altering disease.

Signed yours truly,

The Purple ‘Stylish‘ Butterfly 


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