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It’s Okay, Just Say It!

“I am the Butterfly, and i will do everything in my power to keep the Wolf leashed…”

Even if it means saying NO!

Saying no is a personal dilemma for me. I just really have a hard time saying it. I have an issue with letting people down and feeling like I can’t do things,  so I often times suck it up and bare it- I say yes.

I’ve learned that saying yes is not always the best way to go. Pleasing everyone and keeping up with promises made just causes further stress. And lupies, you all know what stress causes… LUPUS FLARES!

With that being said, I am learning to say, NO. I am learning that it is not so bad, and that it’s actually okay.


Today I accomplished something. I said No to someone. What? Is it too trivial thing to be deemed as as accomplishment? How hard is it to deny someone for something? Probably for many it is not something to ponder over. Many find it easy to deny the requests of others, many find it utterly hard to […]

via An Accomplishment. — The Wolf and The Butterfly


5 thoughts on “It’s Okay, Just Say It!”

  1. Way to go!! I support you. My sister died of Lupus last year and a month after, my mom was diagnosed as well, so yeah, I will fight with you all who have this.

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