Lupus: Read Kristine’s Awesome Testimony

“I see so many people unsure and scared.”

Hi, my name is Kristine and I am 37 years young lol. When I was a baby I was always sick. I was almost dead several times. I looked as if my parents starved me. My eyes were dark and sunk in. People would ask my mom what was wrong with me. She had no answers. By the time I was 7 all my teeth had rotted out. At 8 years old in gym class my couch noticed a spot in my back that appeared to be a burn in her opinion. So the school called CPS My parents were confused they never even spanked us. My journey of doctors begin. I remember one doctor lifting my shirt and backing up like I was the plaque at 8 years that’s harsh. I cried my mom held me and cried. 200 doctors later 2 states and 8 months I arrived at Texas Children’s in Houston Texas. That’s where Dr Levey diagnosed me with what he called a rare form of lupus. Circleutory sclerederma. Told my parents I would not see my 18 th birthday and if I did I’d be in a wheel chair and never have kids. Well let’s say I like proving Doctors wrong. I am now 37 I have 3 kids (I gave birth to) I have two grandsons. The type I have is genetic non of my kids or grand kids have it. I am blessed. I have been made fun of. Laughed at. And avoided by many. I have surpassed all the doctors said I’d never do. I plan to keep proving them wrong. Well that’s a summery of my story. I hope it gives others hope and know nothing is impossible. I am happy and healthy. And plan to stay that way. “

Shared by Iva Kristine Owens (via Facebook to the Lupus awareness page)


*Lupies I thought this would prove an excellent testament that there is hope! That we can live long lives and overcome the odds stacked against us.

-Purple Butterfly ♡


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