Lupus And Mine Eyes

imageMine eyes have seen the glory of the birth of my handsome baby boy, the hills, forests and volcanoes of Arenal, Costa Rica, the sandy beaches and old town of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the beautiful lights and heights of the infamous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Mine eyes have seen ponds frozen over in the winter time in Brussels, Belgium, the Big Ben clock tower in London, and the wonderfully friendly African people and culture, in the city of Takoradi located in Ghana, Africa.

Mine eyes have seen 27 years of life PERFECTLY!

Until now….

It wasn’t until February 2016 that mine eyes haven’t been able to see things CLEARLY!

It wasn’t until February that I was “blessed” with my first pair of bifocals (in the words of the eye doctor).

And it wasn’t until February lupies, that I finally realized what was responsible for my new eye accessory.

You guys want to know why I have to wear glasses NOW after living out 27 years without them?

Simply put, it’s LUPUS’s fault!

Yes, I said it. Yes, I played the blame game. Yes, I am fed up with this disease.

Not only has it taken away my hair, my activeness, and my will to live, but it has affected my lungs, my joints and muscles, and my brain as well… and now, the culprit has moved on to take hold of its next victim-my Eyes!

4 thoughts on “Lupus And Mine Eyes

  1. if its any consolation to you, you look beautiful in your glasses! Im so sorry lupus has taken one more thing from you…I understand the feeling of anger, you’re entitled to that. Keep pushing, your journey is a testimony to the rest of us!

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