I’m Unbreakable


Good Morning Lupies,

June has been such a trying month for me; the early parts of July have been as well. Everything under the sun that could go array DID. I was attacked financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And due to the above reasons, I had no other option but to succumb to a severe lupus flare. It took over. STRESS at the root of it all.

Lupus is a killer… if you let it.

I have kind of neglected my lupus page for a bit to allow my flare to run its course. I’ve taken the time to get back to a healthy place- both physically and mentally. Though I’ve shed what seemed like a river of tears, I have cried my last tear. Though a month ago, getting up out of bed was not even a logical option, I am feeling better, I am feeling back to normal and I am back to work today. I couldn’t be happier.

Lupus can definitely tear you down…

It has a way of making you feel defeated. It strips you of all you have.  It leaves you disabled, incapable, severely broken and solely dependent upon your meds.

But I refuse to let it take me out. I am UNBREAKABLE!


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