Did You Know?


Sucks doesn’t it?

It almost feels like our suffering is in vain.

Lupies, we have to bring about lupus awareness. We have to get others to recognize this disease and see if for what it is.

I urge you all to KNOW LUPUS!


2 thoughts on “Did You Know?”

  1. I personally would love to hear some of your personal experiences with this disease. I understand that it is horrible, my sister had Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She was in and out of the hospital quite a bit. For years it didn’t seem like she was any different than all of us were. When she got sick, she really got sick. There are many diseases that destroy our bodies. There is a promise that all this will end. None of it will be called to mind ever again.

    1. I wouldn’t wish lupus on my worse enemy. It is indeed a horrible disease. Like your sister, when I got sick, I REALLY got sick. The first 2 years of being diagnosed were deathly terrifying. The hospital was my home for months. Lupus has affected so much of me that I’m not surprised when it takes something else. My hair has fallen out and has not returned because of it. My lungs are beginning to fail. My eyes have been affected to the point that after 26 years I now have to wear glasses. My brain has become affected with a mild (currently-checking monthly for the progression) cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. I am scheduled for a blood transfusion and have just been diagnosed with RA too. And that’s on top of the Lupus fatigue and stiffened joints. It sucks big time! But as you said, when we’re not flaring, or when I’m not flaring, I don’t seem any different from my friends and family either. These days I just live one day at a time. And I hold on to that promise that one day all of this will end.

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to stop by and read my post šŸ˜Š

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