Lupus, Orlando, And Stolen Lives

My heart is extremely heavy over what has taken place in Orlando. It has taken me quite some time to fully digest what has actually happened… innocent lives slain over the weekend.

What does this have to do with lupus one might ask?

A lot!

The City Beautiful, Orlando, hosted the Walk To End Lupus Now event on May 21, 2016… so this event was held just a few weeks ago.

It was nice to see the City of Orlando welcome us lupies as we walked to support those affected by lupus.

But my happiness is short lived. I’m saddened by the tragic and obvious hate crime committed this weekend.

I can’t help but think that those people could have easily been me or my gf and our friends. We were in that very club just a few short months ago.


My heart goes out to the families, the friends, the boyfriends and the girlfriends, and everyone else affected by the mass shooting.


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