Be Excited For What Could Go Right


I tend to become a negative Nancy when it comes to the things regarding my lupus and my health. I tend to frown upon new medications, new symptoms, or even new doctors.

So of course when I had a bad experience with a new doctor two weeks ago, I was a little hesitant about visiting with him again this week.

But it came to me like an epiphany while I was sitting awaiting my name to be called…

I cannot live my life in fear of what could happen, when I could have a flare, or when things will ever get better for me.

I have to be excited for the good things that are happening now and all of the things that could go right from this point on.


2 thoughts on “Be Excited For What Could Go Right”

  1. Love this, Start being excited for what could go right. Love it. Yesterday we went to a talk on why forgive. People Like Nelson Mandel forgave, Victor Franklin forgave -Because you forgive so you no longer are the victim, you are able to live. The act may be awful, but forgiveness is not about it okay to treat me badly, it is about letting go and moving on otherwise you are trapped. That why i love Start being excited for what could go right – what FREEDOM. Love it.

    Oh yeah, Always send good wishes to a situation or person where you might feel and difficulty may arise. Go there with a fresh mind, and let the past be the past, it is a new start. When my attitude is positive and my vibration is positive, others catch it and it can influence a potentially negative situation to be a good one. I hope the doctor visit went okay. Sometimes, if good wishes don’t work and you can change the doctor then change. But, generally good wishes can help.

    love this short and sweet post, my comment is longer than the post. Sorry. All the best thanks for sharing. I wish you all the best with that is ahead of you. Regards Bella

    1. Oh wow. Sounds like you went to an amazing talk yesterday. What an awesome message. But you’re right, when you go in with a positive attitude and mindset and I think the doctor caught wind of it. The visit went better than our first visit together so I’m thankful for it. Thanks for the well wishes and thank you so much for taking the time out to read my post.

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