Angry Looks And Angry Words

Rarely do I allow anyone to get me upset. Rarely do I ever become mad or angry. I tend to just let things roll off my back. BUT there’s a first time for everything right?

Tuesday I met with a new doctor and needless to say, it was my FIRST and LAST visit with him.

It was terrible!

Never in all of my life have I come in contact with a physician who was totally inconsiderate and ignored their patients thoughts and feelings. I was appalled.

“I doubt that’s the problem.”

“I think you’re clinically depressed.”

“Yes, you do have a history of this but I don’t think that’s it.” 

I couldn’t get one word in. NOT ONE! I couldn’t explain how I was feeling or even begin to explain to him the reason for the day’s visit. It burned me up! I was LIVID!

A few weeks back I was placed in Urgent Care for a really bad flare. They ran a few tests and took a few x rays but were unable to review my results with me. So in lieu of going back to the Urgent Care center, they sent the results over to my NEW primary physician.

Well,that was a big mistake…

Not only did this physician NOT go over the results with me, but he admittedly explained that he wasn’t going to. In fact, his words to me were, “you can go ahead and trash those discharge papers. I don’t need them. And those people didn’t send me any results to go over with you either.”

Oh the lies he told me!

I knew for a fact that they did send in the test results (I do work at the same hospital his medical office is located in). I was able to access my chart and obtain my test results. So he blatantly lied to my face.

Lupies, you know how the cartoon television shows display their angry characters? Often turning their entire faces red as if boiling over, with clouds of smoke jetting from their ears (I know you can imagine it). That’s exactly how I was feeling on the inside. I was ANGRY!

I took off work, wasted time, spent money on parking, paid a ridiculously expensive co-pay and received a long list of MORE blood work and x rays to have done. And what sent me over the edge was him saying to me,“I think you have lupus, so I am going to send you to have a lupus panel done along with a few tests to rule out RA.”

DUH sir!

I was so not a happy camper at that point.

I gave him a blank stare. I shrugged it off. But on the inside I wanted to scrreeaamm. I thanked him for his services and went on with my day. I had never in my life been so upset with ANYBODY! I thought to myself that “if you would have gone through my charts, my medical history and my records ahead of time, then you would have known for sure that I had lupus and it would NOT have had to be something you’d assume.”

Anyhow, the moral of the story is,

I was angry!


4 thoughts on “Angry Looks And Angry Words”

    1. I don’t have the slightest idea. It sucks. I just feel like they cram in as many people as they can see in order for them to make as much money as they can. But rarely do they alleviate the problems that we have because they simply don’t have the time to spend with us. They don’t have the time to thoroughly ask questions and thoroughly review our charts and history. It just makes me so upset!

  1. New doctor for sure. That only adds to our stress. I’m so sorry for you but we’ve all had them but WE DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THEM. Find someone who cares about their patient. Good luck and try not to let this deter you. I know you won’t because I can tell you are strong. God Bless!!!!

    1. Definitely a new doctor for sure! You’re right, we don’t have to put up with them. I will remain strong and start my search for a new doctor when I arrive in Atlanta. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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