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Lupus Awareness- Day 31 (The Final Day)


“Most patients with lupus are capable of some sort of exercise to increase aerobic capacity of cells & improve immune function. Aerobic conditioning exercise is the best exercise for lupus patients.”

I used to enjoy exercise. Exercising was a major part of my everyday routine. However, now I can’t workout for more than a few minutes without becoming short of breath and being overtaken by severe joint and muscle pain.

It’s a bummer to see yourself go from being an extremely active competitive cheerleader, to struggling to walk 15 minutes on a treadmill.

I know it’s beneficial for lupus sufferers to partake in some sort of exercise, but what do you do when you can’t? Get to KNOW LUPUS and join in on a customized exercise routine that works for you!

Though today marks the final day for the Lupus Awareness Month, I encourage you all to continue on with your research. Attend a support group. Participate in a walk. Donate to the local Lupus Foundation of America chapters. Help us to find a cure!

Sources Include:

The Lupus Site, “Exercise and lupus”


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