Lupus Awareness-Day 28

*This post comes only a couple days late, but better late than never right?


“About 60% of lupus patients get sun-induced rashes and a further 10-20% complain of other clearly sun-induced problems.”

The sun is not your friend when you’re living with lupus.

I learned this the hard way! My arms and legs and any body part that comes in contact with the sun DO NOT respond well. Photosensitivity has taken over my life. UGH! Before a month ago, I could not take part in any sun activity whatsoever, because when I did, my skin would literally feel like it was burning off. My arms and legs would appear spotty (a mixture of purple and white spots) and then rashes would begin to form. But today, I know what I can and cannot do when it comes to being out in the sun and the enables me to have fun in the sun. Get to KNOW LUPUS and what you can do to avoid sun induced rashes and problems!

Sources Include:

The Lupus Site, “Lupus and Light Sensitivity”


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