I Must Put Down The Fork!

These days I can’t help but notice the weight gain I’ve experienced since being diagnosed with lupus. Scrolling through pictures in my cell phone this morning has helped me to see just how much weight I have put on. My arms and face have blown up tremendously and let’s not forget how pudgier I appear in my abdomen area.

Sighs. It’s so not cute!

But I can’t help it. The fork is always in my mouth! I must admit, I LOVE TO EAT! I mean c’mon, how can I not gain weight? I’m taking a steroid at a high dosage, Prednisone. Everyone knows that it adds on pounds of its own. And if you’re one of the few who doesn’t know, I’m telling you that IT DOES. And hey, I’m almost positive that lying around in bed eating like a fatty has played its part as well.

What a bummer :(

But what am I to do when I can’t move due to lupus fatigue or joint pain? And due to the constant inflammation in my lungs and the shortness of breath that consumes me when walking from my bed to the closet, I cannot exercise either. So for now, the weight will have to stay. But not for too long. And in the meantime, I will attempt to put down the fork! Maybe…



4 thoughts on “I Must Put Down The Fork!”

    1. Yeah it does and it sucks! But thanks. I wanted to do something different with the prompt today. And I will most definitely try to put the fork down… well maybe I will try not to pick it up as often :)

  1. Hey, stay strong! I am a dietitian and I know what cortisone medications might do! Well, i suggest if you are taking more than 50mg/d of cortisone or cortisone containing medications try to lower your sugar intake and your salt intake! Cause what cortisone does is, water retention if your diet was high in salt and sugar! So when you reduce your intakes, you will feel better! Once again, stay positive and strong! xx

    1. You are so awesome!!! Thank you so much for the expert advice. I’ve been thinking about cutting down my sugar intake, your comment is my confirmation that I need to do it. But in the meantime, I will try to remain positive and strong. Thanks again :)

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