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Share Your Story- Dr. Denise Hooks-Anderson

Image from www.stlamerican.com “Recognizing Lupus”

It is not often that I stumble across a story where the lupus patient is actually the physician. But in this article, doctor Denise Hooks-Anderson of St Louis University’s Care Family Medicine, admits her diagnosis.

The doctor openly confessed to neglecting to inform her own doctors of her family’s medical history. She said that once she decided to delve into her paternal history, she discovered that not one, but a few of her family members suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). She had even found that a cousin of hers lost their fight to lupus. Hooks-Anderson admits that had she done a thorough paternal medical history, she would have been diagnosed with lupus 11 years earlier.

“The takeaway message is simple: past medical history, including family medical history is important! Precious resources and time are wasted when such information is withheld.”

-Denise Hooks-Anderson

To read her full story click here! And just in case you want to read more, here’s another related Article.


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