Lupus Awareness- Day 20


“Lupus is an autoimmune, rheumatic disease. A rheumatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating arthritis and other rheumatic conditions, including lupus.”

This image, found on www.southfloridarheumatology.com, is of my wonderful team of rheumatologists from Hollywood, Florida. These guys are ah-mazing! I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else. (Right to left): Dr. Riskin, Dr. Santiago, and Dr. Kahn ♥

I have had the pleasure of being seen by all of the physicians above at least once. And they have each assisted me in getting to KNOW LUPUS and my RA every step of the way! Once you have found a great team of doctors, STICK WITH THEM! They become almost like family and will ensure your best interest is at heart.

Sources Include:


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