Jayden, The Pensive One ♥


I remember this day like it was yesterday. The picture above is a photo of my then 6-year-old son in a pensive pose. It was his first day of summer camp-and might I add, not one that all of his classmates were attending-needles to say, he was scared. As any 6-year-old should be right? He was in a place unbeknownst to him.

We drove in silence to the summer camp (let me just say that being silent is not like him). But he is a thinker, and his mind is always going at a million miles per second. So I attributed it to that. Every now and then I would glace back at him through my rear view mirror. And each time I did, he would be looking out the car window, appearing quite sombre and pensive.

A few minutes later we arrived at our destination and shockingly, he got out first. I followed behind shortly after and found him staring off into space. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t even notice me taking this snapshot (hence the picture above).

But he was quiet, and if you know my child, the words ‘quiet’ and ‘Jayden‘ are foreign to one another. So I called to him and asked him what was wrong? Breaking his pensive look, he replied, “what if they don’t like me?”



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