Lupus Awareness- Day 18


“Factors that may trigger a lupus flare include infections, ultraviolet light, stress, some medications, environment with some still unknown.”


All of last week I was flaring. I knew it was bad, I felt terrible. But I didn’t know how bad it was until Friday when I ended up in Urgent Care. This flare, I am almost POSITIVE, was brought on by stress. I have so much on my mind, so much on my plate, and so much to do before the big move that it is beginning to take a toll on me.

With the move in a few weeks and having to get everything set and ready to go with my doctors and medical records as well as withdrawing my son from school and having all of his medical needs taken care of before our departure, I AM STRESSED OUT.  I am beginning to know my lupus though. I am beginning to know what makes me sick and what to stray away from (stress). And I encourage everyone this month to KNOW LUPUS as well. Know what the triggers are. Know what you can do to avoid flares. Know the Signs Of A Lupus Flare.

Sources Include:

The Lupus Foundation of America


Images from:

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“Preventing a lupus flare”storify.com What is a #lupusflare?


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