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Lupus Awareness- Day 17


Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was approved by the FDA for lupus in 1955. HCQ and Corticosteroids like prednisone were the only real treatment for SLE for 56 years. Finally in 2011, Benlysta was approved by the FDA for the treatment of lupus.”
With no two cases of lupus EVER being the same, I can’t fathom how only one FDA approved medication could be the ONLY real treatment for all lupus sufferers? And to think, it was the only source of treatment for 56 years. Now that’s ridiculous! And all the more reason for why it is so important to get to KNOW LUPUS. With applied knowledge, we can find better treatment, find alternative methods and secure a cure.
Sources Include:
Lupus Fact Sheet from Lupus Research Institute, Fun Facts & Stats from LupusAwareness.webs.com/Wikipedia, and the Lupus Foundation of America

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