My Vision In Progress

What is a Vision?

*A vision is a mental image of what the future will or could be like.

And if you ask me, or anyone else who knows me for that matter, they’d say I’ve had the same vision for my life since I was five years old. I knew early on what I wanted out of life…

I wanted to write.

At an early age I knew that I would make all A’s throughout the 12 years I would spend in the South Florida Public School System. I just knew elementary school would be a breeze. I knew that middle school wouldn’t be a cake walk but I would master it! And I knew that once I entered High School, I would become news editor, be on the yearbook staff, be captain of the cheerleading team, be prom queen, and graduate in the top 5 percent of my class. And I knew that I would attend Spelman College in Atlanta, GA- all so I could be near the CNN headquarters- I mean, that was the job that I envisioned for myself- even at five years old.

Sounds perfect right?

Why sure it does. And I almost got it right!

Elementary school was a breeze. Middle school was definitely NOT a cake walk but I did master it, and I mastered it well. Once in High School, I did become News Editor, I was apart of the Yearbook staff, I did become captain of the cheerleading team, and I did graduate in the top 5 percent of my class. But when it came to college, my plan was derailed. My vision slowly began to dwindle into a small hope. I did not attend Spelman College. In fact, I was a long ways away from Georgia. I went to 5 universities and took 7 years to complete a 4  year degree. Long story short, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, moved from Miami to Tampa and back again. Stayed on campus for a semester at one university, and was then diagnosed with Lupus.

Whoa, what a kicker!

Definitely NOT the vision I had for myself. It definitely was not what I had planned either. I didn’t plan on taking the time off from school to be a full time mommy. And neither did I plan on being diagnosed with lupus and having to drop everything- my social life, my friends, my job and school.

HOWEVER, remember that part about wanting to write?

I got to do that!

I got to write a story for the Miami Montage. I wrote scripts for the South Florida Journal, I’ve written an article for Project Censored and I blog here on WordPress daily. And these days, I have my eye on the prize. I have a vision board and the vision rings loud and clear. I am moving to Georgia in just a few weeks to  move closer to the vision I had for my life. I have great hopes that everything will work out in my favor.

CNN here I come :)



7 thoughts on “My Vision In Progress”

  1. If you can visualize it then it is in your view. Without a vision the people perish. Keep your dreams in your view. You will awaken to success. I wish you the best. Thanks for showing you can still strive for success when life bring obstacles.

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