My Buddy, My Son

Who or what is considered a buddy?

Is it someone you can count on when you have no one else to lean on?

Is it a furry companion (a dog, a cat or a monkey maybe) that you can confide in and tell all your deepest, darkest, secrets to because you know they’ll listen to you?

Or maybe it’s someone you would have least expected. Someone who caught you by total surprise.

Whoever or whatever they may be, cherish them and hold them close to your heart…

My buddy happens to be a pint-sized little guy with round brown eyes resembling mine. My buddy has cute and tiny little ears, fingers and toes and a radiant smile that glows.

My buddy is a 7-year-old who has the best personality one could ever ask for. My buddy is wise beyond his years and has been a shoulder to lean on since day one. My buddy is my sunshine, my love, my EVERYTHING.

My Buddy is my son



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