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Lupus Awareness- Day 13


Lupus adds an increased risk to pregnancy. Many woman can still have a successful pregnancy but their lupus needs to be stable and they need to be off most lupus treatment medications.

I can say that I was lucky to be diagnosed with lupus after giving birth to my wonderful baby boy, however, looking back I am left wondering if the complications I experienced during my pregnancy and even during the birthing process, was in relation to, or considered a complication of the lupus I was yet aware of???


That’s why I can’t stress enough how important it is to KNOW LUPUS!

Know the signs. Know the triggers. Be aware.



Sources Include:
Lupus Fact Sheet from Lupus Research Institute, Fun Facts & Stats from LupusAwareness.webs.com/Wikipedia, and the Lupus Foundation of America
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1 thought on “Lupus Awareness- Day 13”

  1. This got me to thinking back when I first noticed the small rash on my face..I have the picture somewhere with the date on it..I wonder if also what I was going through (HELL) a really bad time for me if that triggered my system into Lupus or showing it’s first sign physical sign to me ..
    What is sad I was in and out of the hospital due to my stomach and seen many doctors and at that time I did have the butterfly rash and would ask every dr or nurse just in making conversations and really wanting to find out ..Everyone of those Dr’s never mention it on there own and when I did ask they said oh it roseaca sorry don’t know how to spell that….I had the classic rash at those times…but at first I just had a small rash on one side a round spot for maybe a couple of years before I made an appointment well my mom at the time made the appointment may she rip….That dr first look said I believe you have lupus and said we have different forms of lupus and did a biopsy right then..he gave me a cream and sent me to the eye dr and sent me to the lab for the most blood work (at that time) then made another appointment to see him in a few weeks but before I see him again he ordered the same blood work and different blood work just to be sure..and all that led to having this lupus and that lupus and that lupus lol…But it didn’t dawn on me at the time what the heck lupus was I didn’t even look it up I don’t believe…then shortly after all that I had my first huge flare and he sent me to a specialist in Dallas speaking of that I see her on the 24th I think…lol she is great with me…she is the dermatologist…Now to find some new drs for my arthritis she is a bitch and doesn’t give 2 shitts about me or my care..I hope to find one closer to home like in the next town..But busy trying to figure out the best options of care for my dad at this time..since I am about to hurt his so called drs…
    ok so sunshine that is what my story is and the saying goes I am sticking to it lol
    How is today for you??? I am still catching up so understand please..

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