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A Lifelong Immune System Disorder

Hey Lupies,

I thought this would be a great help to any of you who are newly diagnosed as well as prove helpful when explaining what the disease is to your family and friends.

Hope this helps

Image courtesy of webmd.com

1 thought on “A Lifelong Immune System Disorder”

  1. Sunshine you are so helpful ..just like you said above to new lupus or ones dealing with it longer ..great information as always my dear….
    I have the nail changes and all the above lol..I hate it since people see your hands and think oh her nails are dirty or that is what I think they say so I try to keep nail polish on them and well I love to play with different designs with nail art so it is fun to me and gives me a break me time lol..but I have noticed they are darker this week then they had been..I hate the hair loss grrrr I used to have the thickest natural curly hair now its thin…I do have a path of bladness that I hate!!!!!!..I am on Biotin 5000 mcg a day for nails and hair and skin..on my first bottle so to soon to tell…
    Again great information

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