World Lupus Day 2016

I Just Want To Take The Time Out To Say That I Have The Most Awesome, Supportive Co Workers And Bosses EVER. I Appreciate Not Just The Pictured Staff Members, But The Ones Who Aren’t Pictured Along With The Patients Too. They All Wore Their Purple Today In Support Of  World Lupus Day. Together WE Helped Bring Lupus Awareness To All Who Entered The Facility.


Big Thanks To My Fitness And Rehab Staff! This Gesture Really Meant So Much To Me ♡


8 thoughts on “World Lupus Day 2016”

  1. Sunshine You Are So Special….You Inspire Me Gurl…
    Love this everyone at work showing support is amazing in its self..and look at all those smiles…

      1. That’s amazing and I love hearing that………
        Sunshine I just wrote a long azz reply about the shirts to you I mean asking questions and what I was going to maybe do and all sorts and I guess another comment came in on my feed and yours was at the end and all I wrote is gone…and so is what you had to say I HATE HOW WP DOES THIS SINCE YOURS WAS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE NOTIFICATIONS GRRRRRRRRRRR OH I AM MAD…..

      2. That stinks 😕 I would be a little upset too. I won’t be as present on WordPress as I am in the hospital suffering from a flare…. it’s crazy how quickly things change. One minute we’re good then the next minute we’re stuck in a cold hospital room with an IV in your arm

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