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World Lupus Day

Hey Lupies,

It’s World Lupus Day!

Are you wearing your purple today?

What are you doing to allow others to KNOW LUPUS today?





8 thoughts on “World Lupus Day”

  1. Aww That is my sunshine gurl…..
    I have on my purple bracelet it has little clear circles 3 of them then it has a small silver cross then a few more clear circles with a white little cross and keeps going on interchanging the crosses ..some silver crosses and some white….I probably picked it out from a thrift store at this time I do not remember but I know for sure when I got it I did not have Lupus…makes you think huh…..
    When things get better and yeah better and we get to our home I want to go to this place that makes shirts it’s where they made my paramedic shirt but anyways…I would like to draw or look on the google and come up with a design and saying and order a few at least one for dad and me and better half they would all wear one lol or no dinner for them lolol joking…
    LOVE YOUR SHIRTS….Oh I just thought I would have to order 31 for me with a different saying for each day of the week…..is that a good idea?? your take on all that…I also want to get pens and pencils and bracelet (I used to wear all those rubber ones in support of this and that things I believed in I think they are at home not to where I can get to them I don’t think..will look into…but that is my way of supporting things I love and feel for..You give me such inspiration ….
    Again you look good girl… ; )

    1. From the description it sounds like a very pretty bracelet. And the shirt idea sounds AWESOME! I love collecting shirts and love getting shirts made. . Especially my lupus awareness shirts. If you would love to have 31 shirts for each day I’d say why not. Sure you can. I have tons of pens, pencils and bracelets that I get from Amazon.com. so when May rolls around I’m always prepared.

      1. aw thank you sunshine I like it too…
        see you have collected items to support lupus I am jealous of all that you have to show support I really have nothing but again I live out in the country but have on each side 2 cities that are pretty big I guess one would say lolol.. but I just can’t get out that much as much as I would love to BUT THAT WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER ; ) but then I forgot about looking on amazon for lupus things duh moment lol oh I love pens I am picky about my pens I use (is that weird??) lol once we get back to our home and settled back in I hope by next May I will be prepared like you : ) gurl…..
        So you think those shirts I was talking about is a good idea?? I would like 31 for each day and maybe with a different saying for each one? and maybe each one with a bible verse in support of Lupus in someway ….or have them with numbers of the month and a saying about Lupus…
        Oh and my better half he has a band they play in Dallas and handful of other places classic rock n roll but they can play anything…anyways I was talking to him about it and he said remember when he had band shirts made to wear and to sell he used this girl and cheaper price for a box or how ever many you order she gave him a great deal even a banner with the name of the band and logo that goes on the stage for a great price so he said all he would have to do is contact her or I could and she would work with me on price..so that’s a good thing..I wouldn’t sell these but enough for the month of May.. and maybe a handful to wear and show off thru out the year….so much to think about if I do this and I think this would make me very happy ….I used to know how to print off a design off my printer and it was an iron on I used to make shirts for my daughter when she was a lil girl to wear for bed.. but printer is broken and that was years ago lol and I don’t want it to look cheap..but that would save me some cash maybe I guess it depends on many things..thank you for giving me such great ideas…we will have to talk about this more lol..

      2. I normally an not able to get out much either, that’s why amazon has become my go to place for EVERYTHING. And no its not weird. I’m picky with my pens also. I only like fine point pens. But yes I do think the shirt idea is a great idea. I Especially like the idea of the bible verses being on the shirts. It’s kind of like walking around with words of encouragement on your shirt for yourself and for all who read it. And if your bf can have the woman who used to help him with his band stuff to help you then that would be awesome! I hope all goes well with the shirts.

      3. Thank you so much for your encouragement : )
        I will let you know how it goes when I start on it..It will be awhile lol since I have lots ahead of that to get done like our home and well you know..each day at a time…
        Yes online shopping is the way I have been going as well..I have enough clothes but with my skin hurting most of the time I stay in pj’s or scrubs soft things and I only have 2 pair of jeans here and a handful of shirts since all are at our home lol..
        Glad to see that you are home..Hope that you are feeling better since we last spoke…

      4. hmm well this shirt idea should have been on this post….so I don’t know whats going on …let me know if you got it maybe on another post?? but should have been on this and this one shows I didn’t say anything…..lol

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