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Suffering the Silence

Hey lupies,

Be sure to check out this awesome video of two young girls, best friends, who both suffer from chronic illnesses. Ally who battles Lyme disease and Erika who battles Lupus.

See how they’ve started a movement and have inspired millions of others suffering in silence to speak up and speak out!


8 thoughts on “Suffering the Silence”

  1. This was so amazing I wish that this was a TV commercial maybe then some would get it…We can hope…
    Hope that you are having a wonderful day my sunshine!!!

    1. I thought it was a pretty amazing video also. And it is a shame that it’s not a TV commercial. But you’re right, we can hope. That’s what we have to go on right now. I am having a wonderful day today and I hope you are too

      1. well today is a lil rough anxiety and pain but i am playing catch up with wp..lol..I have a hard time between the light gray and lighter gray on who I have posted a comment or not.. I think they should make them 2 different colors so people like me can make them out better lolololol
        I hope that even though it has been 2 days SORRY GURL.. that today is treating you good my sunshine!!!

      2. Today is a rough one for me too. EVERYTHING hurts! And no worries. I know how it can be at times. You can respond whenever you get the chance to or whenever you’re feeling better.

      3. I hope that you are home by now??? and feeling more like you…
        I have never been hospitalized for any reason due to my Lupus or fibro the dr just will say well it’s your Lupus and fibro and nothing they can do…..but I see many in the hospital ..I don’t want to be in one but I know being in bed for weeks or longer really, really sick and stress out my better half and dad is not good either and I know at those times I need to be in the hospital but I just say I hope tomorrow I will be better but not true and I say it the day after that and so on……..This dr is just not for me times when I should be in the hospital she just doesn’t care ……like I tell my better half and dad I just rather die at home………..

      4. I am home thanks for checking. And good, you’re lucky you haven’t been hospitalized due to lupus related issues. It’s not fun at all! And your doctor should be more understanding and not assume that it’s a lupus or fibro problem every time.

      5. Well that is great to hear gurl…just rest some more ..you know what to do …..
        Yeah but I know I should have been many times but like I said I just stay in bed sicker than shitters and hope it gets better lol the next thing I know it’s been at least a month in bed..
        Yes, they should be more understanding this is why I am looking into new ones or something has to change…If I was up to it I would call around or try to find doctors better ones or make appointment to just talk to them if they do that shittt any more..lol ..When I get enough energy and out of fibro fog I will do some calling or go in and check them out…

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