Lupus Awareness- Day 7


“Lupus is a disease of flares (when symptoms get worse and the person feels ill) and remissions (the symptoms subside and person feels better)”


I know that when my lupus is in remission I tend to have a TON of people thinking and believing that my lupus just magically disappeared and that I no longer have it. BUT that’s not how it works. Let’s get to KNOW LUPUS this May.

Sources Include:
Lupus Fact Sheet from Lupus Research Institute, Fun Facts & Stats from LupusAwareness.webs.com/Wikipedia, and the Lupus Foundation of America

5 thoughts on “Lupus Awareness- Day 7”

  1. My Dr calls mine aggressive since I really have not had a break from it..
    But I keep on praying to the lord and it will happen but either way I will hang in there…
    I could so use a long remission a much needed one….well you just never know how God works…

      1. wow…………………..Oh YES my sunshine I pray and pray for others as well I believe that as well God answers all prayers in time…I may cuzz but I believe in the Lord and I have my bible ok bibles lol.. I don’t go to church I am more spiritual and the churches seem just out for the money and not to help someone when asking for help or a question like I did…they just told me read the bible lol I told them I did and had questions lol…I had one church that I did seem to like but I felt they pointed a finger and judged me ..With my health like you know…I was going to church on Sunday and the guest speaker pointed out and me and my mom and dad at the time and said you know you just can’t show up on a Sunday or go once a week and expect to be right with God and kept going on.. My mom was very ill at the time and we were going as much as we could but I also learn that as long as you are talking about God then you are at church…

      2. Oh no 😯 that is not what a church is supposed to do. I’m sorry you had to endure that. I seem to think that churches are more like the doctors we see. We have to shop around until we find the perfect one for us.

      3. It’s ok gurl it didn’t stop me from walking closer to God or take it out on him…
        I did hear that the church that did that has all new people so I may give it another shot…Also another church I have been thinking about but long story my mom side of the family goes to it at this time (well they might not by know) but we won’t go as long as they are there …We don’t have anything to do with that side at all with the lies and drama and how much better they think that they are and how they treated mom and dad and well me and my better half years 40+ we just don’t have to put up with it and we don’t..
        I did like the first church I was talking about it was really for everyone and they did bible study at who ever wanted it at the house people would bring food and sit around and talk about the bible they had outings you could pick like on the bible study the one you wanted to go to younger group or older or all lol.. They made it feel like togetherness they made me feel like I belonged until that happened …
        But anyways yes I when I get to feeling better I will then look around..
        Oh I remember when I lived in Missouri I lived out in the country like I do now lol but this one church they never locked the doors…they felt that it should be open all the time since you never know when you feel the need to go to church and feel that feeling I loved that idea…I would go and sit all by myself and just think or read…
        are you any one religion or not? if you don’t want to answer that is a o k with me gurl. ..just learning from others what church or religion they prefer …

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