I Had No Idea

Hey Lupies,

Did you know that the spunky,  outspoken, rapper from the widely renowned girls group, TLC, suffered from lupus?

And did you know that she supported lupus charities within the U.S. also?

Neither did I.




4 thoughts on “I Had No Idea”

  1. Wow nope I did not know this…I loved her and the group…
    I still think something was up with her death… the documentary that she did living somewhere dang I can not think of the name but it is worth the watch..she was into numbers and stars all things..if it comes on please watch it….look it up on youtube…it’s not the movie..

    1. I loved the group as well. If I’m not mistaken, I think the place she visited was Honduras. .. that or Costa Rica. One of the two. I haven’t seen the documentary in its entirety but I’ve seen some of it. I’ll look it up and watch.

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