Lupus Awareness- Day 5


“In Latin, lupus means wolf, and erythematosus means redness. In the 18th century, doctors who first treated the disease noticed a common symptom: a red rash on the face and thought looked liked a wolf, or lupus, bite.”

Image taken from http://www.americanbiodental.com

If my memory serves me well- since I am often affected by brain fog– I’d say I only had the “butterfly rash,” so to speak, maybe once or twice.

I remember the first time as clear as day. It happened when I was attending Florida Memorial University. I was in my music appreciation class. High fever, stiff joints, barely able to sit upright in my chair. EVERYTHING hurt! But I had to be there. I had a presentation to give. It was my final project for Pete’s sake.

So I slowly made my way up to the front of the class. And I do mean SLOWLY. One of my classmates yelled, “yo what’s that on your face? You look bad yo!”

Embarrassed, I put my head down and shamelessly managed to make my way out of the classroom and to the nearest restroom. I wasn’t feeling well. I knew it. I felt it.

I saw my face. There it was. The rash! It was definitely NOT a site to see. I cried. I lagged as every step I took felt like I had walked a million miles already. Tears rolled down my face as I finally made it to the nurse’s station. The onsite nurse knew exactly what was going on when she saw me. She immediately told me that I was having a flare.

NO WONDER! I felt terrible!

Needless to say, she took really great care of me until I was physically able to move and go home.

Today, I urge everyone to take advantage of Lupus Awareness month. Read the thousands of blogs out there. Research it online. Visit a support group. Join a walk. Let’s get to KNOW LUPUS one day at a time!

Sources Include:
Lupus Fact Sheet from Lupus Research Institute, Fun Facts & Stats from LupusAwareness.webs.com/Wikipedia, and the Lupus Foundation of America

1 thought on “Lupus Awareness- Day 5”

  1. From the wolf since you never know when it will strike…
    I have been so embarrassed I had it all over my face and my neck/chest the chest looked like hundred of cigarette burns all in a cluster like I have a picture that I thought of posting maybe in one of my blog post…The dermatologist had to do 15 injections into it and omg hurt like hell…since the cream wasn’t working …I had that Drs appointment yesterday and now have a red patch starting on my face so today I put some medication on it and hope it doesn’t get worse …

    Sorry about people yelling saying how bad you looked see I can relate to you ; ) I have a box of those surgery mask and always carry one with me so if I go to places like dr offices that people are sick I put one on..I noticed during flu season that my one dr had mask at the front desk with a note saying if you are sick or think you are please put one on..Very good idea for other drs to follow (I think)

    At least that nurse knew what she was talking about I am glad she let you stay and rest…We find some wonderful people out and about that understand and touch our hearts…these are very special and hard to find people…
    I loved what you said at the end about awareness and reading other blogs about lupus..This is how I found your blog and with your picture and caption and I just felt how alone you felt…Us lupies or spoonies need to stay together and learn from another..
    Hope today is treating you better..

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