It’s that time of year again.

It’s the time of year where I tend to be JUST A LITTLE more anxious than usual.

But I welcome it.

It has actually become second nature to me. I tend to get this way when the month of May comes around. It’s my way of coping with my otherwise mundane lifestyle.

No, I’m not anxious because summer will soon be sweeping in. No, I’m not anxious because school will be out soon and vacation season will begin. I am anxious because of what the month of May brings in.

What does May bring, one might ask?

…May brings HOPE!

Hope that we will one day find a cure for lupus. Hope of one day living prescription-pill-free. Hope that one day we could finally lead normal lives. Hope that we will all survive!

May brings a ton of things.

But for those suffering from this autoimmune disease, it brings chance. It brings opportunity. It brings the chance to increase public understanding of this cruel and mysterious disease. It brings opportunity to make others aware of lupus and how it ravages different parts of one’s body.


That’s all I have. That’s all we have.

I encourage you all to spread the word! Get to KNOW LUPUS because the chance of finding a cure begins with Hope!





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