Absolutely Ah-Mazing Story

Good Afternoon Lupies,

I love stumbling across little gems. People and stories we often overlook and skip over. I found this one, THANK YOU Google Alert, when I went to check my email. I found it to be a treat so I thought I’d share this delight.

“I Won’t Let Lupus Beat Me!”

Read about Jokiva in her one-on-one session with Nakita, who also suffers from lupus, as they discuss the highs and lows of what it means to be a woman living with and fighting the disease.

Nakita is a Lupus Butterfly. She wears her purple colors loud and proud with a mission to inspire other women. And when she met fellow lupus sufferer Jokiva, she knew she was someone special. Jokiva is the founder of the popular Facebook group; “The Real Housewives of Lupus,” a group for women with Lupus and […]

via My Story: “I Won’t Let Lupus Beat Me” — BlackDoctor

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