Am I Well Enough For You?

This is and continues to be a standing issue for me.

Exactly what does NOT feeling well look like?

Do I have to have watery eyes and a runny nose?

Maybe allergies…

Do I have to have a sore throat and an annoying cough?

A cold perhaps…

But what is considered well?

Do I have to display flu symptoms for you to think I am not okay?


I personally HATE when people tell me that I “look” too well to be sick.


Just because I look well DOES NOT mean I ((feel)) well.

You can have the high fevers and chronic fatigue if you like.

You can have the stiff joints and muscles,

And the pain in my fingers, elbows and toes too.

I challenge everyone to get OUTSIDE of their usual perception of the way an individual living with an illness should look like, feel like, and be like.

Living with an invisible illness is difficult! It’s rough and at times you feel alone. On top of the war raging on the inside of your body, you are forced to fight daily battles with family members and close friends who think that you are JUST FINE because you look well.

*May is Lupus Awareness month. Lets KNOW LUPUS!


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