Sinking Fast

I was blog scrolling a couple of days ago and came across the 52 Miles Per Month blog page. Talia had an awesome style of writing. She had a positive outlook on living with lupus despite the daily challenges it may bring. BUT what I loved the most about this particular post was that she had an awesome quicksand analysis.

She used quicksand as a quite descriptive example of how living with lupus could bring you down…how it can make you feel like sinking.. and how all the added stresses, depression, etc, can further allow you to sink deeper and deeper.

Talia suggests that, “having a disease can feel a bit like quicksand in that the more you struggle, the more quickly you become in engulfed in the weight surrounding you.”

I agree..

Having lupus can feel a bit like quicksand… It can make you miss yourself and ask questions like, what happened to the old me go? Lupus can make you forget that you have any accomplishments under your belt. It can make you forget that you are a fighter. That you have a sense of humor. That you are more than just the disease you have. Lupus takes a ton of things away from you. It can make you forget a lot of things too…

But we cannot succumb to it!

Much Lupies!


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