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Living On Borrowed Time (NEW BOOK)

As I have mentioned time and time again in my posts, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, delving into a new book. I love the idea of getting lost in a story and hanging on every word of a page.

Today I stumbled across a new book via my Lupus Google Alert published by The Sun Community. The title… “Living on Borrowed Time.”

“One week after her daughter’s funeral, Dr. Mildred Dalton Hampton-Henry found treasure — the letters, poems, stories and other writings of the daughter she had just lost.”

Dr. Henry  (mom) collected the extensive writings of her youngest child.

Henry’s terminally ill 40-year-old daughter, Pamela Jeanne Hampton-Ross, who had been diagnosed with Lupus a dozen years earlier, wrote letters to her own daughter, Imani, to prepare her — and others — for life’s journey of no return.

Now, Dr. Henry and her children have compiled into a book, all of Pamela’s thoughts and writings to share with others.

Living on Borrowed Time
Image taken from http://www.livingonborrowedtime.com

Published just this past December, “Living on Borrowed Time: The Chronicles of a Terminally Ill Mother,” now has its own website, www.livingonborrowedtime.com.

The site provides more information on ordering the book. You can purchase a paperback online for $9.95.

*A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Lupus Foundation.


2 thoughts on “Living On Borrowed Time (NEW BOOK)”

    1. I think I am going to purchase it. But yes I am definitely a book worm. I love books! And shamefully no I am not on Goodreads.. but all of my friends are and they don’t go a day without suggesting that I should be.

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