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Why Immune Cells Cause Mischief In Lupus Patients

For decades, researchers have been searching for the reason immune cells, which would normally keep inflammation at bay, can’t seem to do their job in SLE patients—but to no avail.


However, a team of scientists from the University College London have now published a study suggesting that in SLE patients, the B cells used to normally regulate inflammation are getting signaled to become pro-inflammatory cells instead.

Findings from this new study prove that the miscommunication in lupus patients seems to come from an imbalance of three types of immune cells:

1) B cells that produce antibodies to protect the body against foreign microbes (and a primary driver of autoimmune disorders),

2) Plasmacytoid dendritic cells that produce a molecular signal called interferon-alpha (IFN-α) that stimulates B cells, and

3) Regulatory B cells that suppress excessive immune responses, which are severely lacking in lupus patients.

The UCL scientists findings brought forth results that seemed to suggest that lupus patients should be tested for this IFN-α–related gene signature prior to treatment with rituximab.

Claudia Mauri, Ph.D., the senior study author and professor of immunology at the University College London  concluded that:

“This would be an important step towards personalized medicine for the treatment of lupus.”



8 thoughts on “Why Immune Cells Cause Mischief In Lupus Patients”

      1. Yes it has worked quite well for me. I have been on it now for almost a year and half. I’m actually getting ready for my next infusion in April. I don’t really have any side effects but have noticed that each time I get it I start to feel more tired and groggy and a little lightheaded but nothing more than that. It has been my lifesaver. I have been through all of them and this is next to my last med to try so I’m praying that it keeps working. I still get aches and pains and flares once in a while but nothing major so I’m Blessed that way.

      2. Wow! A year and a half is amazing. I’m definitely happy to hear that this one is working so well for you after so many others haven’t. Good luck on your next infusion. I pray continued blessings and little to no aches and pains and flares. And thanks for sharing with me 😊

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