The Signs of a Lupus Chick


I found this on the Lupus Chick Facebook page and thought it was cool. I’m a Libra. What’s your sign lupies?

Aries – Having to take medication to deal with the side effect of another medication.

Taurus – Having a high energy day and getting excited that you can finally do things that normal people would find mundane (chores, grocery shop, draw.)

Gemini – Shamelessly mastering the art of marathoning a season of a a tv show in a day.

Cancer – Using the phrase “normal people sick.”

Leo – Meeting someone with your condition and aggressively attempting to be their friend.

Virgo – Forgetting if you took your medication.

*Libra – Simultaneously praying and dreading that someone will ask you to hang out.

Scorpio – Knowing that online shopping is way better than shopping at a mall.

Sagittarius – Being too (tired/anxious/etc) to get your medication refilled even though it would help you feel better.

Capricorn – Discovering the Lupus Chick community and feeling like you found your long lost family.

Aquarius – Having your blood boil as soon as someone mentions yoga.

Pisces – Seeing your doctors more often than you see your friends.

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