Smonday. .


Smonday= when Sunday is almost up and in rolls Monday. .

It’s 11:59 p.m. and boy this weekend has been an extremely tough one. This sinus infection, caused by what I found to be an “untreated respiratory infection,” tried to get the best of me. This weekend I’ve gone through a total of:

• 2 boxes of kleenex
• 6 cans of chicken noodle soup
• 1 full box of crackers
• 1 carton of orange juice
• More than 3 gallons of water
• 3 more prescribed meds

However, some good did come from all of this.

Want to know what that good thing was?

I was able to get some MUCH NEEDED rest. My body tends to flare up or shut down when I’m doing too much. I guess with all of the moving and all that comes with that, along with tying lose ends and the passing of my uncle last week, I’ve been under a TON of emotional stress.

My body did me a favor by shutting down. It allowed me to bring everything to a halt. It forced me to slow down, relax and enjoy what is usually the hustle and bustle I call life.

Good night lupies ♡


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